Monday, March 30, 2015

Cross Your Fingers able to quench the pain – Club Industry Journalism

Ksenina Oksana

Scientists are obsessed with popular superstition – crossing fingers. They proved that this gesture saves not only from the curse, but also from the pain.
British scientists have shown that the reduction of cross fingers can ease pain. This is a breakthrough, because it turns out not all superstitions contrary to science. Standard Christian tradition tricks the brain and makes the sensation of pain is weaker. So, if someone gets himself on the fingers with a hammer, scientists recommend cross your fingers.
According to scientists, the importance of this discovery lies in the chance to significantly improve the lives of people living with chronic diseases.
Patrick Haggard, managing this project came to the conclusion that the pain of the senses can be controlled by a conventional movement of the body in relation to the other. This is somewhat reminiscent of the famous trick called “grill illusion” by physician Thunberg. A hundred years ago, he found an illusion, in consequence of which there is non-existent in the test in real space sensation of pain.
This focus fingers man blindfolded dipped in warm and cold water. Because of the temperature contrast in humans occurs unreal sensation of pain. So the brain is exposed to it and is himself deceived.
During the experiment, scientists have tried to cause a similar deception by using special equipment. Only when, feeling pure phantom pain, the participants experience a pair of crossed fingers, the same feeling disappeared.
So the researchers concluded that the brain not only examines and analyzes the temperature at the same time, but also pays attention to their location on This informs the So that the gesture does not cope with the phantom, but the real pain for sure.

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