Saturday, March 28, 2015

Russia and the US to develop a new space station – Bulletin

Roscosmos and NASA are going to start work on a new orbital space station, Interfax reported with reference to the statement by the head of Roscosmos, Igor Komarov.

«Roskosmos with NASA will work on the program for future space station. We will think and discuss joint projects. And it will be an open source project. It will involve not only the current members of the ISS. It will have an open character for all who want to join it, “- said Komarov at a press conference at Baikonur.

«We agreed that the working group of countries participating in the project on the future of the ISS project a new space station. The first step was that until 2024, the ISS will work, and in the future period of its existence will depend on the realization of our joint projects “- also said Komarov.

Earlier Komarov said that Roscosmos and NASA have agreed to extend the service life of the ISS to 2024

For its part, NASA chief Charles Bolden called to accept the the idea that sooner or later the work of the ISS in the usual sense, the end will come.

«In the end, the ISS will see its last day for manned crews simply by the fact that she will wear. As a temporary resource of this platform will come to stake, we have quite a long time in the format of a long time discussing what we will do next, when resources run out of the ISS, “- said Boldon.

According to the head of NASA, must now be clear how to effectively use the resources of the future plant and how to do it. For example, he offers to give more freedom to private companies in order to enable them to conduct business in this competitive industry.

«The idea is that we need to give our industrial work independently. There are areas that are better to give a commercial company – for example, pharmaceuticals or processing of materials “- said Bolden.

Roscosmos and NASA will work together not only to draft a new space station, is also planned to coordinate their efforts in preparation for a mission to Mars.

«For us it is very important to have a partnership. Our general direction of the move is still Mars. We Igor Komarov seriously discussed this question – how can we make better use of funding and how best to distribute these efforts, “- said the head of the US space agency Charles Bolden.


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