Monday, March 23, 2015

Russian ATMs attacked the new virus – Dni.Ru

Russian ATMs attacked the new computer virus Tyupkin. The Interior Ministry has warned banks and financiers that attackers are actively using a malicious program that allows you to empty ATMs.

According to the newspaper “Izvestia”, the last few weeks in Moscow there was a whole series of explosions ATMs. According to the Interior Ministry, criminal cyber-group reveal ATM service units and charged with a virus program, which command activates the issuance of notes . Law enforcement and anti-virus creators believe Tyupkin new type of threat to the banking community, which will be relevant in the criminal world in the near future, so the urge banks to pay greater attention to safety.

“They (criminals) are introduced one-time code that they outstanding organizer, the virus shows on the display the service menu through which you can control all functions, including the issuance of cash. They removed all available at an ATM cash . Usually ATM provides up to 40 bills at a time, but the infected restrictions will not be – the money will pour out of the machine continuously, “- said the official representative of the” K “Interior Ministry Alexander Vurasko.

attacks are usually subjected to widespread ATMs running Microsoft Windows XP . However, the virus Tyupkin has several modifications – some versions are also involved in skimming, reading data from the magnetic stripe cards and remembering PIN-codes. Unlike skimming when the victims are nationals, in the case of a virus Tyupkin victims advocate the banks themselves. In an ATM placed an average of ten million rubles, so the damage to the banks could be significant.

In the “Kaspersky Lab” also notes the high risk of a new virus. “For the crooks is a progressive technology that can dramatically reduce the number of different actions and transactions. It is not necessary to transfer money from the card to other accounts and create a fake company to get rid of money through their accounts. These programs are quite complex, because, in addition to programming skills, you need to understand how the ATM. But where has the money starts criminal thought. These programs will continue to appear, “- says the head of investigating computer incidents” Kaspersky Lab “Ruslan Stoyanov.


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