Friday, September 23, 2016

The WSJ source said the involvement of Russia to cracking Yahoo! – RBC

the Yahoo Headquarters

Photo: AP/Marcio Jose Sanchez

the Hackers who broke into the servers of Yahoo! was interested in data specific users are doing business in Russia, said the source WSJ. The attack, he said, was made with Russian addresses

In the opinion of management of the company Yahoo! the hacking system in 2014 was involved hackers from Russia, told The Wall Street Journal, a source familiar with the situation.

Previously, the company did not name the country from which was organized the attack, but claimed that the actions of hackers, who stole data from 500 million accounts, was sponsored by “the government of the state”.

At the same time the interlocutor of the edition not ready to say that the actions of these hackers led to leakage of data 500 million users.

the source of the newspaper said that the invasion was discovered a few weeks after the attack. In Yahoo! came to the conclusion, the newspaper writes that it the attack was launched from computers located in Russia. In addition, it was the people who ran their business in Russia.

the security Professionals explained that the situation with the penetration of multiple hackers at the same time is not exceptional. On the contrary, this tactic is often used to hide the true target of the attack.

Earlier on Thursday, September 22, Yahoo! confirmed the theft of data 500 million accounts of its users due to hacker attacks in 2014. “The online break-ins and burglaries, with government support, are becoming more common in techindustria”, — noted in a Yahoo! . Database stolen by hackers includes users ‘ names, email addresses, phone numbers, logins and passwords, and other personal information.

the company noted that the stolen data has no information about Bank accounts and cards, users, and passwords unprotected. As a counter to hacking Yahoo! urged its users to change passwords on accounts that have not updated the query that had not done this since 2014. Test questions that you must enter when you log in to your account and which fell into the hands of the attackers, were declared invalid.


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