Friday, September 30, 2016

Scientists have discovered why dogs are friends with people – the Russian Newspaper

dogs Have identified five key genes that are associated with their ability to make contact with a man – this is stated in a scientific paper published in the journal Scientific Reports.

In the study, Swedish scientists from the University of linköping conducted an experiment with participation of 437 dogs Beagle, specially grown in the laboratory.

Each of the dogs for a short time ran into the room, where the three plastic container of treats, two of which she could open herself, and to “open” third, she’s needed help people were in the same room. However, he was unfamiliar animal.

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Scholars interested in how subjects behave in such a situation, will they start asking a stranger for help, or will act independently.

“We know that wolves do not seek help, they will try to fix the problem yourself, and some dogs actually behave the same – they do not give up and attempt to open the lid,” says one of the researchers Per Jensen. – But the most common reaction of animals is at some point in time to contact the person.”

According to the results of the experiments were selected 95 dogs are most prone to human contact, and 95 the least interested in social interaction with the person. Then they took samples of DNA for comparison and detection of correlations between features in the behavior and specific genetic variants.

In the end, scientists were able to identify five genes that are closely correlated with the tendency of dogs to seek the help of a man. “There are probably many other genes that interact with these five,” admits Jensen. According to him, it is not yet clear precisely how the identified genes can affect the sociability of dogs.

it is also Noted that four of these genes have previously been associated with increased risk of development of various social disorders in humans, including autism, writes The Guardian.


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