Friday, September 30, 2016

Used in the Institute of eye diseases, the drug has not been approved by the Ministry of health, the City’s all-news channel

Drug “Avastin” is, presumably, caused the loss of vision of nine patients scientific research Institute of eye diseases named after Helmholtz, was not approved by the Ministry of health. About it on air of TV channel “Moscow 24″ said the ophthalmologists.

the Doctors confirmed that the drug has long been used in ophthalmology, although not licensed for this field of medicine. His action coincides with the action of a more expensive drug Lucentis, which must be used to prevent tumors vessels.

According to the Professor, doctor of medical Sciences Vyacheslav Kurenkov, “Avastin” is used in ophthalmology in the world, but Russia has not yet received permission of the Ministry of health.

Kurenkov stressed that “the drug is good and has positive results use.

“I think this incident is not connected with the action of the drug. Most likely, there are some other factors”, he added.

According to one version, the cause of the accident at the scientific research Institute of eye diseases named after Helmholtz could become non-sterile during the procedure the injection or the marriage of the drug itself.

the health Ministry organized a check on the fact of vision loss in patients research Institute on behalf of the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova after appearing in media reports about the side effects of the drug “Avastin”.

According to Skvortsova, the information is very ambiguous, and conclusions on this point can not be done.

His testing was also organized by the Investigative Committee. Investigators, in particular, interviewing hospital staff, including officers responsible for the acquisition and storage of drugs.

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