Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Australian scientists have been able to freeze a beam of light – Belarus news (BelTA)

Physicists from Australia have managed to freeze a beam of light. Scientists believe that this will help to make a significant step in the development of quantum computers.

Experts have developed technology in the form of a kind of light traps, which delays photons around the atom. Note that in the standard state of the photons passing each other at the speed of light and atoms interact. Researchers have been able to “freeze” the process.

One of the inventors said that they were able to do something like this that can be seen in the seventh episode of “Star wars”, when Kyle Wren by force “freezes” the flying laser beam. He noted that their experiment did not look so impressive, but the essence is the same.

in addition, scientists say that this discovery will help in the development of quantum computers. Namely, “frozen” light rays will be one of the components of the developed technology.

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