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Hackers broke into the 500 million Yahoo passwords – Газета.Ru

the Yahoo! believed that hackers infiltrated the system of the company in the autumn of 2014, connected with Russia. According to the administration of the Corporation, the burglars were looking for information about specific 30-40 users of online services.

Sources familiar with the situation said The Wall Street Journal that the invasion was discovered a few weeks after the attack. After that, Yahoo! reported the incident to the FBI.

the Concern expressed by the US authorities. Senator mark Warner said that the value of this hacking Yahoo! is of an extremely serious nature. The company plans to discuss the situation with him next week.

Not explained whether this was the same attack that led to the theft of information on 500 million user accounts. The information about the hacking in the Yahoo! confirmed Thursday, September 22. The company noted that data was stolen from servers of the company at the end of 2014 by hackers, “sponsored by the state.”

while recognizing the shares of Yahoo Inc. on the stock exchange NASDAQ Friday, September 23, fell 2%.

Stolen from the database of Yahoo! the information included names, email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth and passwords, and also information about Bank accounts.


because of the scale of the hacking and the habits of users use the same passwords in different services experts on cyber security predict that the attack could affect data security and other Internet sites. Vulnerable could be Bank accounts, online stores, etc.

very carefully to their data should be treated the users of photo service Flickr and blogging platform Tumblr, which is owned by Yahoo!.

the Company was subjected to public criticism for such a late recognition of compromise of their personal data by intruders.

Many users, according to Reuters, made the decision not just to change their passwords, but not to refuse the services of Yahoo! closing their profiles.

on social networks and even began to publicly Express their attitude to the Yahoo! in connection with the burglary.

Some owners of the profiles noted that they changed the password not only in the services of this company, but also on other platforms, where he used the same password.

it was Also reported that a resident of new York Ronald Schwartz filed on Yahoo! to court after the company confirmed the theft of data 500 million accounts. The American has charged the Corporation with negligence. The lawsuit seeks on behalf of all U.S. citizens affected by hacking.

In Yahoo! not commented on a possible future trial.

In may 2016 computer security expert Alex Holden said that hackers from “Russian underworld” stole passwords and logins from 272 million accounts.

due to a large-scale attack, according to experts, the most affected Mail.Ru. In addition, were compromised accounts accounts in Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft.

the Company Hold Security, dealing with cybersecurity, found on one of Russian forums by a hacker who boasted of stolen accounts. Unknown claimed that he managed to take control of 1.17 billion accounts.

Yet it is unclear whether this is burglary, which was recognized by the leadership of Yahoo! one of these days.

Check for tampering

Reporter “Газеты.Ru” in all probability, too, faced the consequences of the theft of data from a user base of Yahoo!. For several weeks the author of this article receives a message about an unexpected attempt to login to Yahoo!.

the password used in the service of the individual is for him and not like the combination “12345678″, “qwerty” and other variations of simple passwords, which users install on error.

in addition, a post on Yahoo! almost never used, not linked to other Internet sites and never stated such. After receiving the alarm message password changed several times, however, attempts to “login” on the website Yahoo! third parties are still ongoing.

Check whether a compromised account of a service on the websites of the LeakedSource or Have I been pwned.

So, courts have confirmed that the password from the mail reporter “Газеты.Ru” at Yahoo! was stolen.

How to protect your data

security Experts do not get tired to remind you that for reliable protection the password must contain at least letters of different case and numbers.

it is Necessary to use different values for user accounts on other sites. Ideally, you should use the password randomly generated. There are special services that create a combination of different complexity.

Additional protection is two-factor authentication. In addition to the usual username and password almost all social networks and messengers propose to link the account, such as phone number. In this case, the hacker will not be able to hack the profile as well as username and password, he will need to enter the code that is usually sent through SMS.


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