Friday, September 30, 2016

In Turkey found created in the era of the Urartu Kingdom to the city sewer system – Krasnoyarsk news –

This underground gallery of the drainage pipes were found in the province of van in the area of the castle Cavustepe, which is a historical monument.

Archaeologists Turkey discovered an ancient sewer system that was created in the era of Urartu.

the City is in the center of which was a fortress, was a kilometer in diameter and was surrounded by impregnable walls. The structure consists of 2 parts — top and bottom, and they were both built by king Urartu Sarduri II in 764-734 BC

sewer with a diameter of one meter was built of carefully fitted to each other and permeated the urban area under the ground for significant distances at a depth of several cubits.

Professionals say, at the site found traces of once equipped with palaces, temples, storage of water. In particular, starting the construction of the city, the ancient architects carefully worked through the project. They built all the buildings strictly in accordance with the project. This is especially important for us.

According to Dr. the Department of archaeology of the University of the province of Yuzuncu Rafet Cavusoglu, the state of Urartu carefully thought and where to build. The state in certain periods of its existence, played a dominant role in relation to the neighbors in front of Asia. In the nineteenth century French archaeologists first discovered cuneiform inscriptions near the shores of lake van in the territory of the former Ottoman Empire, is not in Assyrian, as originally meant, in the Urartu language. In General, Urartu remained virtually unknown Kingdom from the 5th century BC until the previous 20th century. Excavations in the area, according to the expression relevant for today archaeologists are still in “its infancy”.


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