Monday, September 26, 2016

American scientists discovered rays that strikes the Earth – The Russian Times

Scientists from the University of Miami discovered x-rays, which is attacking Earth from all sides. The rays are divergent and are not generated nor the Local bubble or the solar wind. The results of the study, the scientists published in the edition of Astrophysical Journal.

Astrophysicists have discovered in the Solar system x-rays, the mysterious source of which scientists have yet to calculate. This writes the Russian Newspaper, citing Tech Times.

Until now, scientists knew two of the generator of x-rays in space. This solar wind, which is a stream of particles emanating from our star, and the area of rarefied hot gas inside the sleeve of Orion in our galaxy, the so-called Local bubble. Recently, however, scientists had to revise their beliefs and make new insights about this phenomenon.

Launched by NASA in 2012, DXL sounding rocket, after being in flight for about 15 minutes and managed to collect very valuable information. For its treatment, scientists took several years. Analysis of the data indicates that about 40% of the fixed missile x-rays coming from the solar wind.

Theoretically, the remaining 60% must come from the Local bubble. The fact is that the rays emanate from a different source. This part of the x-rays originated from is still unknown to the science object. The study’s lead author from the University of Miami Uary Aprati noted that the temperature of the Local bubble is insufficient for some types of x-rays at high energies, so the question of the source of radiation these rays remains open.

As stated by the American astrophysicist from the University of Miami Uary Upreti, the temperature of the Local bubble is not high enough for the formation of such radiation is, therefore, the question of their source remains open”.

the Discovery, made using the launch DXL, is of great importance to explain the structure that surrounds the Solar system. To carry out such research on the Ground is impossible, because its atmosphere blocks most cosmic rays.


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