Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The first child from three parents were born in Mexico Lenta.ru

In Mexico in April 2016 was born the child, the conception of which occurred with the mitochondrial DNA of a third person. This writes the magazine New Scientist, on the ethics of reporting a good experience until now.

the Method of “three parents” is to transplant the mitochondrial DNA from a woman donor into the egg of the mother. As a result, the child receives mitochondrial DNA from a third party. Scientists believe that it allows to avoid the influence of mutations from the mother, which can lead to diseases such as the syndrome of diabetes and deafness.

the Operation was conducted in Mexico American surgeon, John Chan (John Zhang). The site was chosen due to the fact that the laws of the States prohibit the application of the methods.

Chane turned a Jordanian couple whose two children died from the syndrome Leia is a hereditary disease, which is accompanied by a neurometabolic syndrome. The necessity of conception from three parents due to the presence of responsible for the development of the disease genes in the maternal mitochondrial DNA.

during the operation, Chan moved the mitochondrial DNA of the female donor into the egg of the mother, securing it thus from the syndrome Leia. At the time of publication the child was five months, and negative health factors it is not fixed.

the Procedure “three parents” was first successfully performed on a healthy human embryos in early 2016.


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