Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Head of SpaceX has promised to send to Mars about 1 million people – View

Head space company SpaceX Elon Musk has stated intention over several decades to send to Mars about 1 million people who will build there “self-sustaining” city

According to him, the journey will take two years, and the ticket cost about 100 thousand dollars — as a luxury car or a cheap American home, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“We want to make Mars a reality and do it in our lives,” said Musk the participants of the International Astronautical conference (International Astronautical Congress) held in Mexico.

According to his observation, people need to become “interplanetary” because it is not excluded that in the future the Land can survive the catastrophe, after which the existence will be impossible.

the company plans manned flights to Mars will become possible in the next ten years.

“we may fail, but we will try,” promised the head of SpaceX.

He confirmed the plans, according to which created today for landing on Mars, the Dragon 2 will be launched in “a couple” of years. Martian Dragon next flight is scheduled for 2020.

Of all the planets of the Solar system is Mars, according to SpaceX, the most suitable for colonization by earthlings. First of all, it’s closest to Earth, but more importantly, “was once very similar to Earth, it could be liquid oceans, sufficient sunlight and atmospheric composition, potentially allowing you to grow plants.

Musk involves not just forwarding the flight to the Fiery planet, and the permanent residence there of people in “self-sustaining” town.

today, the entrepreneur, his company is working on a space ship on the Red planet at the same time will be able to go about 100 passengers and 450 tons of cargo. In the future to reduce the cost of flights number of passengers can reach 200.

“You can’t build a self-sustaining colony if the ticket costs $ 10 billion, but if it will cost approximately as the average home in the United States, about 200 thousand dollars… then everyone who wanted it and saved for it, will be able to afford to fly to Mars and live and work there,” said Musk.

He expects that in the next 40-100 years on such ships to Mars will be delivered over 1 million people.

Musk has promised that in future the flights will drop to about 100 thousand dollars.

To achieve its goal, the company is developing a range of technologies, including the ability to refuel on-orbit, reusable spacecraft and on Mars, renewable fuel.

For delivery of the spacecraft into orbit, the company is developing a “Mars rocket” bigger than Saturn V, with its thrust and other parameters are several times higher.

the First stage of the rocket as the launch vehicle, the Falcon 9 will return to the launch site on the Earth after the withdrawal of the ship to an intermediate orbit. Then tier will load extra fuel tank to “catch up” a ship in orbit and to carry out its refueling. And after that the ship will depart at two-year flight to Mars.

Despite the confidence in the success of your project, the businessman who is the main designer in the company, admitted that is unlikely to be “the first people on Mars”. He explained that he wanted “to see how to grow (his) children.”

to Finance the ambitious project the company is going through commercial flight contract with NASA. Musk also announced that it plans to invest in the Mars exploration program all their savings and did not rule out that it will collect donations.

“It’s possible, it’s a reality.” – assured potential investors in Armenia.


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