Friday, September 23, 2016

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus started to sell in Russia Газета.Ru

the Russian partners Apple has opened up the possibility of registration of pre-order announced at the annual presentation of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus September 16. The absence in Russia Apple Store near where spend day and night U.S. fans of “Apple” brand before the release of new devices that have not abolished the hype around the next iPhone at least in Moscow.

the GUM shopping centre on red square, according to TASS, there is a queue of more than three hundred people are awaiting the release of iPhone in the cabin re:Store. Some Muscovites began to take seats near the doors of the shopping gallery the evening before.

For more efficient traffic line buyers made up the list. But he stopped to fill and moved on to the live queue, when the number of potential iPhone owners exceeded 230 people.

Employees re:Store distributed to customers, paper bracelets, which have started to sell the phones after the store opened at 10 am.

the press service of the retailer “Газете.Ru” he said that as of 13.30 Moscow time the people began to disperse.

a company spokesman noted that in the first place re:Store caters to those who pre-ordered. “In the salons of new phones Apple also did, but in small quantities”. Deliveries to the store are carried out every week, but the staff re:Store do not know which models will be in the next game — it all depends on the vendor.

“In our experience, deficit subsides within one to two months”, — said the interlocutor of the edition.

welcome “black onyx”

For the first 20 minutes from the start of sales, according to a representative of re:Store, Apple fans have disassembled the iPhone 7 Plus color “black onyx”. He had previously been in short supply around the world at the stage of pre-order.

“a Classic situation for sales. Every year at re:Store is the same: the most popular models older. And if there is a new color, the buyers acquire it most readily,” — said the representative of the retailer.

According to re:Store, from 16 to 23 September, the store issued pre-orders two times more than last year with the release of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

Press Secretary of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov said “Газете.Ru” that the results of preliminary applications in the salons of the operator in 35 Russian cities suggests that demand for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus four times higher than during the release of the previous generation smartphone.

According to the representative of the operator deficient models at the time of this writing was not.

In “Euroset”, “Газете.Ru” he said that smartphones, which were a pre-order, sold out. “It’s safe to say that the demand will be significantly higher than last year. The most popular models, as in the period of pre-order, remain iPhone 7 in two colors “black” and “black onyx” with a memory capacity of 128 GB”, — said the representative of the retailer.

In “the Megaphone” did not disclose indicators, limiting the phrase: “Based on the volume of preorders, we see greater customer interest in new products from Apple than last year.”

On Apple’s official website, where sales opened in the night from 22 to 23 September, when ordering the iPhone 7 Plus to potential owners of the smartphone will have to wait three to four weeks. To acquire within one to three days will only gold and silver iPhone 7. “We see that the new iPhone popular among buyers and has caused increased excitement at the start of sales”, — told “Газете.Ru” communications Manager “Coherent” Sergey Tikhonov.

“Beeline” was able to implement in their outlets in 16 cities in the first hours of sales in two times more devices than last year. The leaders were Moscow, Rostov-on-don, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara.

the Most popular models in the sales offices in the night of steel iPhone 7 128 GB black, Golden, rose gold, iPhone 7 Plus 128GB “rose gold”.

“unfortunately, at the time of start of sales was not available smartphone with a storage capacity of 256 GB, and the number of devices in the color “black onyx” was minimal. In the near future we expect additional supply to satisfy the demand for these models,” — said in an interview with “Газетой.Ru” the press-Secretary of “VimpelCom” (brand “Beeline”) Anna Aybasheva.

Media Markt has failed to promptly respond to the request “Газеты.Ru”.

Black gray

Buy iPhone the Russians are not only in the official shops. On 20 September, the Federal customs service (FCS) announced the arrest of the first batch of undeclared Apple news. “Gray” devices were discovered at Sheremetyevo airport during customs control of passengers of flight Hong Kong – Moscow. Carry a smartphone in number of 43 units attempted a citizen of Russia.

“In the absence of documents confirming cost of the goods, it was decided on the direction of smartphones on examination. Violating seen signs of an administrative offense under article 16.2 of the administrative code (failure to declare or false Declaration of goods”, — said the Agency.

the First informal proposals came on the marketplace. on the day following the announcement of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

the Sellers promised to deliver the unit the next day after receipt of the smartphones in the stores in the countries of the first wave. Those who are not particularly anxious to get a smartphone in hand, recommended to meet the middleman at the airport. Ads about selling new devices Apple was flooded … and the day of the start of official sales.


the Various brands and the Corporation propose to forget about the company and offer their so-called counterparts iPhone at a lower price.

there are high hopes for the new “Chinese Apple” Xiaomi — Mi5S. It is expected that the smartphone will be announced on September 27.

don’t waste any Time and Russian developers.

So, the holding company Ruselectronics is planning in 2018 to release a smartphone that will be comparable in quality to the iPhone, but considerably inferior to the American counterpart in value.

“In 2018 we will have your Russian iPhone”, which will cost on the shelves for about $ 130″, — said the head of JSC “Ruselectronics” Igor Kozlov.

in addition, you can always find a Chinese copy of the iPhone or make it yourself from old patterns, as a user of the video platform YouTube PeripateticPandas, who directed “instructions” on turning the iPhone 6s, the iPhone 7. To make the apparatus, the blogger used a power drill, box cutter, grinder and other tools.


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