Tuesday, September 27, 2016

“Silver rain” has asked Roskomnadzor to block the Telegram-bot with a record of esters 30 radio stations – vc.ru

According to the news Agency, 26 September the radio station sent a letter to the head of Roskomnadzor with request to block bot Radio Archive, which sends users audio recording on the radio station, including broadcast of “Silver rain””.

the representative of the “Silver rain” refused to comment. Press Secretary of Roskomnadzor Vadim Ampelonskiy told RNS that he did not know whether the Minister this letter.

Ampelonskiy said that the letter sent to the wrong address” because there is something to take some action only if a corresponding court decision.

Bot Radio Archive launched in June 2016. Users can download the recording broadcast over 30 radio stations, including “Russian radio”, “Nashe radio”, “Radio Maximum”, “Business FM”, “Autoradio”, “Echo of Moscow”, “Moscow speaking” and others.

Until recently, using Radio Archive is also possible to listen to the recording of broadcasts stations “European media group” — “Europe Plus” “Retro FM” and “Radio 7 on seven hills”. However, on 12 September the authors of the bot reported the removal of these stations from a catalog of “on demand of the owner”.

“We expect response from the representatives of the holding on the possible ways of cooperation. In the case of a positive outcome, radio stations EMG can return to the directory of the bot,” — said the authors of the project.

the CEO of EMG Roman Emelyanov told RNS that the group of such projects does not endorse and welcomes their willingness to abandon the illegal broadcast radio stations EMG”. About a possible collaboration with a team of Radio Archive in conversation with the Agency he did not mention.

Command Archive offers Radio stations create your own bots with access to the archives of broadcasts and advertising. Is there any agreement with any radio station on the project site is not specified.


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