Friday, September 23, 2016

Limited supplies of the iPhone 7 in Russia has led to a boom in the stores – RBK

Selling the iPhone 7 in Gum

Photo: Nikita Popov/RBC

the Artificial limitation imposed by Apple on exports to Russia, led to a high demand for the smartphone in stores. However, iPhone sales in the first 7 day will be smaller than the previous models.

sales of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which was launched in Russia at midnight on 23 September, was weaker than the previous models. According to analysts interviewed by RBC, for the first day will be sold from 10 thousand to 16 thousand units. Over the same period last year were sold in Russia about 20 thousand iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, according to Mobile Research Group.

“Sales [for iPhone] is not determined by how much they buy, and how much they put in, says a leading analyst of Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin. — Apple now to create an idea about the high demand, supplies in small quantities every three days. This situation will last at least a month. Accordingly, in the course of a month will be sold about 75 thousand units”.

According to Hi-Tech Mail.Ru the total number of pre-orders for the iPhone 7 in Russia before the start of sales amounted to about 20 thousand While the most popular model was the smartphone of color “Black onyx” (Jet Black) in the configuration of the 128 and 256 GB, while Apple has shipped to Russia mostly the device in versions of 32 GB and unpopular colors (silver, gold and rose gold), says Director of strategic communications Hi-Tech Mail.Ru Anton Spiridonov. “As a result, some retailers had to set unrealistic deadlines for the delivery of up to 60 days”, — the expert adds.

the retailers Themselves, in contrast, argue about the feverish demand for a new model without revealing data about the actual sales. As of 12 p.m. Moscow time on September 23 in 67 Media Markt stores throughout Russia has sold two times more iPhone 7 models generation 6s last year, told RBC in the press service of Media Markt.

a representative of the company “Eldorado” noted that “the demand will be much higher than last year.” The product was available starting at midnight in the online store of the company, as well as in 12 stores and Internet centers in Russia, who worked at night.

the Network re:Store started selling the iPhone 7 in 87 stores in Russia. Press Secretary of the company Lyudmila semushkina said that pre-orders for the new model came in two times more than the model 6s, and the official launch in Gum nine in the evening of the previous day formed a queue of several hundred people.

of queues at its stores in Moscow and other major cities told in “the Messenger” and “M. Video”. “If you focus on pre-orders and the first hours of sales, the demand for the new iPhone 7 three times exceeded results of the previous line (iPhone 6s),” said RBC in the press service of “M. Video”.

prices for the new iPhone starts from 56 990 rubles In so much cost smartphone with 32 GB of memory. The most popular model of iPhone 7 with memory capacity of 128 GB costs 65 990 rubles, the Price of iPhone 7 Plus starts from 67 990 rubles.

New gadgets have waterproof and dustproof case and is equipped with dual camera. The iPhone 7 has gone headphone Jack. For him released Apple AirPods wireless headphones that will work for five hours without recharging. For connecting headphones will need an adapter.

Apple in 2016 for the first time refused to disclose the start the new iPhone sales, Bloomberg reported. The company explained this decision by the fact that sales are now determined not by demand and supply volumes.


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