Thursday, September 29, 2016

BlackBerry will charge the development and sale of smartphones partners

Quarterly report conference smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry hinted that it is now a canadian company cannot be considered as not only a manufacturer but also a developer of its own smartphones. More specifically, a status the company intends to lose in the foreseeable future, and to start the reform solved the Indonesia market, the biggest for the brand product.

a Joint venture with a branch of the largest Indonesian Telecom operator will take care not only for the sale and manufacturing of BlackBerry smartphones in this country, but will order them from the development of specialized professionals. Itself BlackBerry in this situation remains the only provider of software solutions and the recipient of the royalties from each sold smartphone brand. BlackBerry has long translated to the production of devices for contractors, with time she will completely refuse and their development. Losses from these reforms is estimated at one hundred people. The remaining experts of the relevant division will be busy in software development.

revenue From the second quarter of the 2017 financial year, which is calendar BlackBerry recently ended, the share of software solutions and services accounted for $ 156 million, which is two times more than a year ago. However, devices have brought the company $ 105 million, but the rejection of their independent sales will allow BlackBerry to increase the rate of profit, which has now reached a historical high of 62%. Not to lose huge amounts in write-off stock – here is just one of the benefits of refraining from the production and sales of smartphones. However, as admitted by CEO John Chen (John Chen), in some markets, BlackBerry is ready to help partners in the implementation of the smartphones of this brand.

In software development BlackBerry is betting on the automotive segment and the operating system QNX, as well as secured version of Android, which for some time used its smartphones. The company determined to withdraw from the production of older models of smartphones. And all new ones will be created by the partners of the company, though, and will continue to use the trademark BlackBerry. In addition to Indonesia, the new distribution model will soon be implemented in China and India.


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