Friday, September 23, 2016

Replaced by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are heated and lose their charge – Ferra

Samsung is replacing the explosive smartphone Galaxy Note 7, on September 19. It would seem that the misadventures of the new flagship had come to the end. But there it was.

Users in South Korea, the first receiving apparatus in an exchange program, started to complain about a number of problems experienced by new safe Galaxy Note 7. The list is headed by overheating of the battery (again!) and rapid loss of charge of the battery after charging.

it is unknown the exact number of complaints received Samsung. However, a company representative said that the problems did not relate to batteries and described them as “isolated incidents” associated with the typical challenges of mass production. However, Samsung has started an investigation into the situation.

Recall, 2 September, Samsung held a press-conference on which declared the problem of explosive batteries Galaxy Note 7 and announced a temporary cessation of sales, for the period of investigation and production of new parties corrected the defect.

Russia, the recall of defective Galaxy Note 7 is not touched, because the official sale failed and was postponed indefinitely. However, as reported recently by Rosstandart, grey devices of the Russian representation Samsung offers a program to exchange products purchased outside Russia.


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