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Russian expert: “the ship of the Mask shatter on the surface of Mars” – Moskovskiy Komsomolets

Elon Musk has promised to establish a settlement on the red planet, without telling how to save lives of the first colonists from Earth

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a plan to create a transportation system for missions to Mars presented Tuesday at the International Congress on Aeronautics in Mexico, the head of the company SpaceX Elon Musk. He is going to create on the red planet settlement and to populate it a million colonists.

it Turns out that experts SpaceX develop the concept of a “Mars colonial transport (MCT Mars Colonial Transport) for several years and promise about 10 years to put it into operation.

According to the Mask, as the rocket he intends to use an enhanced version of the Falcon 9 rocket, with the creation of which will be used for new composite materials. Judging by the description, it will be really super-heavy rocket capable of orbit on the methane engine up to 300 tons (recall that the resource the most powerful Soviet booster rocket “Energy” up to 150 tons).

Six launches on this rocket the Americans withdraw to orbit Mars “bus”: a manned spacecraft to 100 people with bar and cinema and five tankers from 1950 tons of fuel. Fuel is planned to be pumped into a manned spacecraft in space and then send it to interplanetary flight. The flight time to Mars would take about 150 days.

the Tanker for fuel.

Now, as the price of such a “walk”. SpaceX has estimated that, taking into account mnogorazovogo technology (the ship is planned to be used up to 12 times) and production of fuel on the red planet, the cost of a ticket to Mars could be lowered from the current $ 10 billion to $ 200 thousand. According to Mr. Mask, the price should be no more than the average American home: to person could sell their house on Earth for the money to move to Mars. By the way, those who wish to return back to Land, the flight won’t cost a penny.

the most optimistic estimates, the first manned launch to Mars, the company, the Mask may be implemented as early as 2024. In 2018-2020, it is planned unmanned launch of the Red Dragon to Mars for testing of this procedure.

Comments head of the space policy Institute Ivan MOISEEV

- Promises Mask — pure fiction. Here you need a magic wand and the old man Hottabych, then maybe something will come of claimed. The report was designed so that it is spared the most acute problems. And they are. The first: where is this money? He hinted that will receive capital from the transportation of cargo to the ISS… But it’s impossible – his whole system will cost more hundreds of times than the entire ISS. The idea to raise money on the Internet — I think it’s a joke too. Meanwhile, experts estimate that for landing on Mars in just two and bringing them back, you need 20 years and $ 500 billion. The case can hold together only a few countries at once, if you make the colonization of Mars the main task, and all the rest of the program will significantly reduce.

-What are the plans for the Mask is not feasible from a technical point of view?

- He missed such an important moment to land a spacecraft on Mars. The cartoon presentation shows how easily flies his multi-ton ship with a hundred people, and sits on the surface of the planet. But we remember getting not long ago, the Mars Curiosity Rover weighing a ton… Seven minutes of terror – that is it a difficult procedure to put the device on the surface of the planet with very rarefied atmosphere, like Mars. According to the scheme presented by the Musk of his ship from going to pieces, will not help any parachutes.

How many tons will weigh his ship?

- the fact of the matter is that he also omitted in his speech. Apparently, in order for professionals from not defeated his project in tatters. Was it just a pretty picture. Usually before these statements, the researchers are collecting more than one publication with the full layout of the technical characteristics of the flight. Have a Mask they are not.

Maybe he keeps them secret?

- But we can compare what he offers, with the possibilities of all mankind in the matter… Musk cannot keep secret that which is beyond the capacity of all countries combined. The feeling is that during the preparation of the report was attended by no sensible expert, which prompted him in difficult places. Otherwise they would have told him that the size of solar panels that he paints on his pictures in tens of times less than required. And such blatant mistakes in the presentation very much.

- Capacity booster 300 tonnes achievable?

Achievable, but does not solve the problem. If not resolved the issues with braking during landing, with radiation which does not pass in vain for the pioneers (from this question after the presentation of the Mask just waved), the project cannot be considered serious.

what it does, what do you think? Expects that the government will give them money for development?

-All closely following the space project SpaceX, they are working exclusively on the delivery of goods, but did nothing on the way to Mars. That’s why the engineers of NASA stories the Mask is not touching any side, that’s for sure. So, as the target audience remain only the masses, naked PR of the company. We already know about this Mars One project, when people collected money for a nonexistent project. Perhaps it is the same.

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