Saturday, September 24, 2016

Edward Snowden and Pavel Durov made a bet on Twitter about cybersecurity – The Russian Times

the Creator of the text message service Telegram Pavel Durov made a bet with a former spy and surveillance state whistleblower Edward Snowden about the security of your messenger.

Тelegram is positioned developers as one of the most secure services for the exchange of information, as the correspondence is stored in encrypted form and can not be easily accessed by intelligence agencies.

Former CIA and NSA Edward Snowden, criticizing the messenger from Google Allo, has offered the use of secure networks such as Tor and messengers with enhanced encryption — for example, his own Signal.

“It’s not the perfect recipe for preserving privacy, however, the Signal is stronger than Allo”. To a question from his followers about the service, Pavel Durov, Snowden said, “by default this service is less secure than WhatsApp, which can be dangerous for non-experts. Now WhatsApp use end-to-end encryption by default, whereas in the Telegram this method is used only in secret chats”.

Then the conversation was joined by Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram messenger.

“most of the WhatsApp users keep all correspondence in clear text to Google Drive and iCloud. As a result, 80% of the WhatsApp messages and 100% metadata stored in USA and available to American intelligence agencies. Even if one opts to disable these backups, other users may store them. It is zero protection for groups in WhatsApp”, — said Durov.

In response, Edward Snowden wrote that “the behavior of external services is less important than what the app itself. Your work is admirable, but with all due respect, I believe that would be more useful to respond to criticism through real change in service and not to Twitter".

“My app provides a secure cloud for those who need to keep a history of their correspondence and the actual end-to-end encryption for those who need it. While WhatsApp wish to disable end-to-end encryption between any of the sides”, — said Pavel Durov.

this Snowden agreed with his companion and called “calling the question” the idea is to transmit data about the users of WhatsApp in Facebook, adding that all services now need to be refined.

On this Durov has recognized that to lead the discussion on Twitter is not a good idea and promised to send Snowden a link to the study on the question of the messengers.

the Epic nature of this correspondence is that in Durova, in fact, ricocheted its marketing message, to which he made a bet two years ago at the start of Telegram service — namely, the protection of correspondence of the users. Presenting your service, Durov said that all the other messengers in this respect, to put it mildly, not so good. Especially WhatsApp


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