Friday, October 7, 2016

As Zuckerberg puts the world into a new reality – RBC

Santa Cruz

Two major challenges in fully modern virtual reality — the complexity and, of course, price. The person who wants to buy a helmet will not only have to pay $ 700 for the device itself, but to build a powerful computer — and it will cost even more. Given that a really decent programs and games “every day” a little, such expenses, unfortunately, does not seem justified.

Hats for smartphones in this plan is preferable: they are pretty cheap, lightweight and compact, require no wires — but without the phone inside is completely useless.

the New development Oculus is somewhere in between these two types of devices. It does not require connection to a computer or smartphone and additional wires — and the computer is installed inside the helmet. The image rendered by the helmet, and the integrated system determining the location in space, so people will be able to walk freely with the device on his head. And most importantly, Santa Cruz will be, according to Zuckerberg, is much cheaper than a full Oculus.

the Helmet is still in the prototype stage and information about the timing of its release have not been announced. In addition to compact slam was announced compact ear-plugs VR for $ 49.

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Oculus Touch

Owners Oculus Rift can’t interact with objects in virtual reality with the hands: they have only to turn my head or play games using a gamepad Xbox 360 or PlayStation 4. December 6 promises to change. the Oculus Touch new controller Rift. They can be worn on both hands and track their movement. On stage, Zuckerberg in real time played with colleagues at chess and Billiards, drew in the air “sword” and was able to fence her, and even moved them to another location.

Communication in virtual reality — something that primarily thinks Zuckerberg as the founder of the biggest social network in the world. It is for this and created virtual avatars.

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Virtual avatars

Avatar is your protege in the virtual world. You can fully customize its appearance: skin color, facial features, accessories like glasses and scarves.

Zuckerberg said that virtual reality is the platform that will replace the now dominant mobile. And, of course, it will be based Facebook future years.

the first Two, which will be actively used virtual avatars Parties and Oculus Rooms. At first people will be able to communicate and play with each other, in the second- together to watch videos and movies on a large virtual screen.

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What next?

Since the buying Oculus it’s been more than two years, and finally Oculus 3 Connect we have shown above what exactly is Facebook and exactly how it will be integrated with virtual reality. The prospects are really exciting: the ability to not only almost to see the man who is at the other end of the world, but also to interact with him is to play chess and Billiards, share photos in real-time — promises to open VR-helmets second wind.

Who can plunge the world into a virtual reality, if not the owner of the main social network in the world?


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