Monday, October 10, 2016

Scientists: Astronauts went to Mars, is threatened by dementia Росбалт.RU

the Astronauts who will venture on a flight to Mars can pay for it dementia, said the American scientists. The reason — the negative effects of space radiation.

According to researchers, this radiation may also cause memory loss, can cause depression and constant anxiety.

Scientists have studied high-energy particles found in cosmic rays. These particles attack the spaceships. It turned out that they can cause with long-term effects of brain damage. Experiments on mice confirmed the fears of researchers, reports Informing.

Professor of radiation Oncology Dr. Charles Limoli said that before sending astronauts to Mars it is necessary to develop systems that would protect people from these dangerous particles. Besides, according to experts, damage to the nervous system can accumulate develop into incurable diseases.

“the Impact of high-energy particles can lead to complications of the Central nervous system that arise from the long flight and will persist for a very long time”, — said the scientist.


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