Monday, October 10, 2016

Samsung has stopped production of samoupravleniya Galaxy Note 7 –

change is not saved from the fire

the South Korean company Samsung has temporarily suspended the production of smartphones Galaxy Note 7 due to media reports about the fire gadgets. As reported by Yonhap, the decision was made jointly with regulators of South Korea, the USA and China controlling the market. The decision to temporarily suspend plant Amipro Vietnam, responsible for global shipments of the Galaxy Note 7. The sale of smartphone was launched in South Korea on August 19 this year, but later the company announced a recall of 2.5 million of the gadgets after a number of reports of fires devices. As compensation offered Samsung smartphone owners to exchange them, but the Galaxy Note 7 of the new party, according to media reports, also ignited.

it was observed eight cases of ignition of the replaced gadgets in the United States, South Korea and Taiwan. Two U.S. operator AT&T and T-Mobile US announced the suspension of the implementation of the smartphone Galaxy Note 7 for replacement of security reasons. “The results of the investigation of cases of ignition of the smartphone outside of South Korea yet unknown,” — emphasizes the Agency. With regard to the investigation of the Korean incident, according to preliminary expert opinion, the smartphones could ignite “because of the strong electrical impulse, or being strangled”.

Regulators urged to put smartphones

According to the Korean Agency for technology and standards (Korean Agency for Technology and Standards — KATS), of 456 thousand Galaxy Note 7, produced in the period from 30 July to 2 September 2016, 352 thousand gadgets have been replaced by a new one. Another 21 thousand purchases have been cancelled, the buyers returned the money. Approximately 70 million smartphones of those parties now remain in the hands of users. “We asked Samsung Electronics to accelerate the process of withdrawal of the devices, but also appeal to the owners of gadgets with a request to return the smartphones,” explained KATS.

Samsung has suspended production of hypergolic Galaxy Note 7

Samsung is suspending production of the smartphone is not officially comment, but journalists believe that this decision could affect the planned resumption of sales of Galaxy Note 7 in Europe and India, scheduled for October 28.

Threat at the height

earlier, regulators in some countries also warned owners of Galaxy Note 7 from their use on Board the aircraft. In particular, the recommendations published by the Federal Agency of air transport. “Around the world, sold over 2.5 million smartphones in 35 cases identified problems with overheating and the subsequent failure of lithium-ion batteries produced by one of the suppliers of “, — stated in the message of Federal air transport Agency. On its website, the Agency has published the differences between “secure” smartphones, Galaxy Note 7 and gadgets, carrying a potential threat.


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