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Indian smartphones are capturing new markets, Samsung has acquired developer Siri Вести.Ru

India in the battle for the top lines of ratings smartphone — Micromax changes its strategy and now focuses on the market leaders. As a manufacturer of budget smartphones, building a large ecosystem, which in this context is waiting for Russian consumers and why Samsung buys developer of voice assistants.

the Company Micromax introduced a new line of smartphones and the whole concept of their business. The conference for Russian partners, which the Indian company has spent in the homeland, it was stated on the actual changing vectors of development: construction of new plants in India, new design phone with a single style for all product lines and investment in services. That is, the construction of its complete ecosystem, as the largest players in this market. For example, in the original add-on to the Android OS integrated the ability to order a taxi or buy products online without additional applications. It works but only in India. But, they say, are in talks with Russian services. Promise to localize for our country and a popular model (or rather smartphone) called Unite her idea in dozens of small regional languages and not just the official state from a predefined list in Android.

However, it’s not too soon — not until at least the second half of next year. But the direction of movement is obvious. As the desire to emulate the giants of the IT world. Even the program of the conference was built according to the logic of events of major corporations, where a must — invited guest from definitely reputable technology companies. In this case, the company was Corning, a manufacturer of protective glasses Gorillagras. The President of the Indian office said that before the phones fell out of pockets with meter height, and now they drop during the selfie and therefore the screens should be even stronger. And even offered a couple of volunteers to try this glass to crack stupid uncomfortable subject. The glass gave way, and the conversation returned to the new range of smartphones. They were picked up almost every taste — and with great battery, and with a pair of stereo speakers, and a separate Selyvon with the same characteristics of the cameras.

Find Indian designers – selfie-button in the shape of the logo. This device she never answers: long press this switches between the cameras, short the. Not the first button on the back panel, of course, but that logo is original.

In General one of the objectives of redesign of the entire line is to raise a kind of average check. In the Russian market Micromax feels good and boasts a third place in the ranking of Federal customs service. That is, the number of imported vehicles just ahead of Samsung and fly. But the success of localized price group of up to 6 thousand rubles. And like, obviously more. In order to fight for the attention of more affluent buyers, will bring in Russia and relatively expensive sub-brand Yu In India it is sold only online, model Chinese Saami. But we will be different.

“B Russia, I am afraid that will not work. And companies like Yu, who went to Russia ultimately chose retail. Russia is a huge country, a very large logistics costs. Many people, when buying a new brand, want to touch the phone to see how it works. So when brand new, it is advisable to it through some kind of network to implement,” he said Ramnik Kohli, Head of Micromax in Russia and the CIS.


Samsung has bought the company, Viv Labs, developers, electronic assistants, who previously worked on the creation of Siri.

With this acquisition Samsung, followed by Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google included in the “arms race” of virtual assistants. Analysts believe that with the help of Viv Samsung can integrate your appliances into a unified ecosystem, controlled voice. Here Samsung can fight other it corporations trying to seize control of the homes of the users of the Apple with their home kit, Google Home, and Amazon Echo. It is noteworthy, however, that the mobile market is the new assistant appear on Android, where considerable time is sewn into the platform of Google Now and the latest version of Google Assistant.

the Developers claim that their child — assistent new generation. Unlike Siri, Cortana, Alexa and other assistants, Viv is not a pre-prescribed script. According to its Creator, Doug Kittlaus, Viv generates new code each time a new Voicemail request. Every time he launches a new Executive program that specifies the type of task, associates it with the necessary services and then creates the appropriate interface and dialogue with the user. In may of this year Kittlaus demonstrated this mechanism by the example of complex question: “whether the air temperature is warmer than 21 degrees at the Golden Gate bridge day after tomorrow after five in the evening.”

“For 10 milliseconds Viv wrote a program out of 44 steps. He figured out from the context that the Golden Gate bridge is a landmark, and “the day after tomorrow” is a day of the week. And hooked everything necessary to answer the query services”, — noted with satisfaction Dag Kittlaus, the founder of the Viv.

Another important detail is that Viv is initially an open platform. While siri and google now (because of the closeness of their systems) just starting to add support for third-party applications that Viv already operates more than 50 third-party services. In particular, it is possible to order a taxi, to arrange the delivery of goods or to book a room in hotel or restaurant reservations.


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