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Named the absolute limit of human life – Moskovsky Komsomolets

Chance that at least one person in the world live longer, is estimated at 1 in 10 000

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a Group of American scientists from the Medical College albert Einstein found that the maximum age which can live is 125 years. The “medium to long” life expectancy is estimated by experts in 115 years, according to the study.

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the Probability that at least one person in the world lives more than 125 years, scientists estimated at 0.0001 percent, and, more importantly, the study authors say that this figure in the near future hardly will change fundamentally. Although in recent years the average life expectancy in many countries quite rapidly increases, the peak of its maximum, according to scientists, was achieved at the end of the last century.

Doctors analyzed a very large database containing information on deaths in 40 countries in the period since 1900. As it turned out, within a century the chances of a person to live to 70 years increased, that is, a particular year of birth corresponded to a large percent chance to reach this age than the previous year. Even more clearly, depending on the year of birth increased likelihood of a person to meet their own century, but after that, the trend once again began to go into decline. Around 1995, the chances of people to live more than a hundred years ceased to grow. Then around 1997, at age 122 years, 5 months and 14 days died Frenchwoman Jeanne calment, the lifetime of which is considered a record from being logged.

the Scientists conclude that the maximum possible age of a person is, and in the foreseeable future will be 125 years. Experts tend to explain this by the fact that the possibilities of health and nutrition on the “move aside” upper bounds of life expectancy today is almost exhausted. Further steps in this direction, according to scientists, it is hardly possible without direct intervention in the genome of humans to whom humanity is not ready neither technically nor morally. However, according to scientists, the progress still continues to contribute to the improvement of life expectancy and the health of older people.

a New study published in the journal Nature.

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