Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Obama promises to send humans to Mars by 2030 Вести.Ru

the United States plans to send humans to Mars and safely return it to Earth by 2030. This is stated in the article Barack Obama, published on the website of CNN. The President of the United States, this goal is vital for America’s future in space.

“to get to Mars, will require sustained cooperation between government and private inventors, and we’re already doing it, quoted Obama as saying by TASS. — Over the next two years private companies for the first time send astronauts to the International space station.”

the American leader also said that the United States collaborate with private companies on new systems that will allow you to maintain the life support of astronauts and their sending a long fly in deep space. Currently, the U.S. private companies carry out more than one third of space launches.

Earlier, the same time – 2030 – as real to launch humans to Mars called the representatives of NASA.


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