Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Samara scientists will create space robot with “human” hands – RIA Novosti


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LONDON, October 11 — RIA Novosti, Ekaterina Kalashnikova. Samara scientists create the hand-arm space robots, which will be covered with “artificial skin” and sensors and is able to repeat the movement for the man, the press service of the Samara University.

“In the Samara national research University named after academician S. P. Korolev initiated the development of elements of information integrated system to control effort and position of the grippers of the robot based on fiber optic sensors … the First robot whose “hands” are covered with “artificial skin”, created by scientists of the Samara University, will fly to the International space station in 2020,” — said at the University.

Scientists create elements and control Autonomous robotic platforms based on fiber-optic sensors (WATER). Unlike semiconductor sensors, they are largely unaffected by radiation and can be used to create a “space” of robots. Samara scientists have created a hand sample-manipulator of a robot astronaut. Now they began work on the creation of “artificial skin” distributed on the surface of the sensors.

“Outwardly, the arm looks like a man’s hand – also has fingers, joints are made of artificial materials. Thanks to artificial skin, Packed with WATER sensors, with these hands, the robot will be able to determine the shape of the object, temperature, force of capture, and more. At the same time to control the robot’s arm movements in space man in a space ship”, — stated in the message of the University.

According to the idea of scientists, the fingers of the robot will repeat all the movements of the operator. Pressure sensors built into the grips manipulators, and a special system will transmit all necessary information to the operator. Thus, the operator in special gloves will feel the same as the robot astronaut aboard the station.

the Development of the scientists of the Samara University is financed from the Federal budget for NGOs “Android technology”, jointly with TSNII of machine-building creates the first Russian tisovogo anthropomorphic robot. A robot of this type like the man only the upper part (body, head and two gripping manipulator – Approx. Ed.) and the lower part is a platform.

In the future, the robot with the “sensitive hands” will be able to perform maintenance on the equipment and components on the outer surfaces of space stations: visual inspection, technical and maintenance operation and maintenance of scientific instruments.

according to the University, the use of robots in space will significantly reduce not only the risks to life and health of the crew, but also the costs of space expeditions. In addition, robots are equipped with “artificial skin”, will find wide application on Earth when dangerous person, for example, under water or demolition debris.


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