Wednesday, October 12, 2016

In the framework of the project Blue scientists want to build a space telescope to search for exoplanets in the alpha Centauri system –

the Star alpha Centauri system — the nearest to our own. The distance to stars this system is just over four light years, which on a cosmic scale, nothing. However, for humans this is not just a huge and insurmountable obstacle.

However, alpha Centauri is very interesting for scientists. And not only because of its proximity, but also, for example, because of a recently discovered exoplanet, which is also potentially habitable.

For this reason the newfound research consortium, which includes the organization of the BoldlyGo Institute, University of UMass Lowell and the SETI project, announced the creation of a program Project Blue, in which scientists intend to launch into Earth orbit telescope which will observe it for a stellar system, alpha Centauri.

the Project involves the creation of a relatively compact telescope with a mirror diameter of about 50 cm, But he should be able to consider a planet in orbit is closest to us stars, and thus to learn about them much more than we know now.

Funding for Project Blue is going to happen to interested patrons. The project cost is about 25-50 million dollars, which is a little by the standards of other space programs.

it Should be noted that the same exoplanet orbiting Proxima Centauri, can’t be studied by means of defined telescope due to the fact that is close to the parent star. As for the two other luminaries of the target star systems and exoplanets in their orbits until it was revealed not, so there may not be at all. Realizing this, the authors imply the possibility of studies of other neighboring systems.

the Telescope project Blue, with the successful financing, will be launched into orbit before the end of the decade.

Source: Project Blue NY Times


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