Sunday, October 9, 2016

Samsung Galaxy C9 — detailed description – The Russian Times

Samsung Galaxy C9, which is rumored to announce not later than November, seen in the Agency’s database of FCC.

the information Contained in that allows you to complement the idea of the machine, because it contains a single parameter whose value was previously unknown. We are talking about battery capacity, which is visible in the screenshot included in one of the documents.

In this regard, the developers had to try to create a device which has a number of unique features.

foto-samsung-galaxy-s8In the new gadget, which is scheduled to be presented in the near future, there will be no key called “Home”. It is also planned to integrate the fingerprint sensor directly in the device itself. There will be changes in the hardware design. The screen of the unit is scheduled to make slightly rounded. Previously, he was rounded only at the sides. This allows you to make it more convenient to use.

At the same time are the curves of the smartphone screen will display the required image. In addition, they will be able to perform a number of other functions.

Also, the Galaxy S8 will definitely appear dual camera, however, at the moment, the guide Samsung is the controversy on the subject of its design. Some advocate its solidity, while others insist on using two separate sensors. Who will prevail, only time will tell.

the Appearance in the retail sale of new series phone is expected much earlier, the date which was announced by the manufacturer earlier. This is due to the fact that the company is to strive, as quickly as possible to close the losses that were incurred due to the unsuccessful sales of the previous version of the smartphone.


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