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Biologists found out which day starts beating heart of the embryo – Moskovsky Komsomolets

This happens significantly earlier than anticipated until recently.

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a Group of researchers under the direction of Paul Riley from Oxford University came to the conclusion that the heart of human embryo starts beating on the 16th day after conception. Previously it was thought that by this time the body only is formed, and in the body it is incorporated significantly later, on the 21st day.

Биологи  выяснили,  на какой  день  начинает  биться  сердце  эмбриона


Strictly speaking, directly behind the human embryos especially if its conception has been more than two weeks, specialists observe do not have rights, therefore, such experiments are carried out with mice, then the scientists figure out what date of pregnancy person has a corresponding period of time from the moment of conception of a rodent.

Earlier, experts believed that the heart starts beating after endocardial tubes formed in the body are combined into a single heart tube. However, a new study has shown that heart still starts beating a little earlier — in the middle of the eighth day the embryos of rodents. It was during this period, experts managed to “fix” the first heart beat. According to the researchers, this means that the same processes in the body of a human embryo must occur on the 16th day after conception.

the fact that an embryo’s heart starts beating, the scientists “said” calcium fluorescence markers that indicate muscle contraction. Because cardiac muscle is formed in the body before the other, we are talking about it, believe the researchers.

Experts also found that the heart of the embryo is necessary to begin to fight in order to correctly develop, and also convinced that a key role in the emerging heart beat, plays a protein called NCX1 that controls the movement of calcium ions, which, in turn, involved in the contraction of cardiac muscle cells.

According to the researchers, information about how it develops in the human heart during fetal development allows a better understanding of congenital cardiovascular diseases and premises to them. This, in turn, will allow you to deal more effectively with breaches of this kind, scientists calculated. According to the Daily Mail in the UK with congenital heart problems born one child out of 180, that is, 4,000 children a year, or 12 children daily.

Their study, experts published in the scientific journal eLife.


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