Monday, October 10, 2016

TNS Russia will participate in the competition to select a single teleseriala in Russia – Agency “Moscow”


the Company TNS Russia, which in August 2016 purchased “polls-Media”, intends to apply for participation in the competition to select the organization that will deal with measurement in Russia announced during the conference “Telemetry”, General Director of TNS Russia Ruslan Tagiyev.

“of Course, we will submit documents to Roskomnadzor. We very much hope that the high Commission deems our documents are acceptable, and we very much hope that we will have the opportunity to work on. Seriously preparing for this”, – R. Tagiyev said.

He added that after the change of shareholders ТNS Russia was accepted the decision on its renaming in “Mediastop”.

Earlier it became known that holding “VCIOM-Media” has acquired 80% stake in the company TNS Russia.

the Company, which will TV audience measurement in Russia, will be selected December 15, 2016 for the Commission on the choice of teleseriale has taken a principled decision authority on TV audience measurement in the Russian TV will be entrusted to a single organization, selected on a competitive basis.

a Bill banning companies, the share of foreign ownership is more than 20%, to carry out audience research television in Russia was signed by Russian President in the summer of 2016 Under the new rules, audience research of TV channels can carry the organization, is accredited by the Commission of Roskomnadzor. At the moment the telemetry on the territory of Russia is an international group of TNS.

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