Saturday, October 8, 2016

In the network appeared the first photos, which allegedly captured smartphone Xiaomi Mi6 –

the Mi4 Smartphone was a survivor in the line of Xiaomi devices. At that time, as almost all manufacturers follow flagship devices once a year, and some do it even more often Mi4 has got a successor after 19 months after the announcement.

But Mi5 might well be replaced by “in time”, that is, in the beginning of next year. At least it appeared in the online pictures. They allegedly depicted smartphone Mi6.

Sure, a photo can be fake or they are not Mi6, and some Chinese clone. But it is possible that this is a really early prototype of the new flagship Xiaomi. If so, we can note the lack of continuity in design, the presence of the metal casing and physical buttons below the display.

Source: Priceraja


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