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Energomash is ready to supply engines for any type of rocket for Sea launch – RIA Novosti


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CAPE WALLOPS flight facility (USA), 14 Jul — RIA Novosti, Alexander Kovalev. NPO “Energomash” is ready to supply engines for any launch vehicle, the Russian company S7 Group under the launches with floating cosmodrome Sea Launch (Sea launch), reported RIA Novosti General Director of “Energomash” Igor Arbuzov.

the RD-171 Engines under Zenit

“NPO “Energomash” prepared for any further developments. We met with the curator of the project Sergey S7 Group Copolym. They discussed issues of supply of RD-171 on the basis of touched on NGOs “Energomash” and Ukrainian “Pivdenmash”. If it is decided that the company will continue the manufacture of carrier rockets “Zenit” for “Sea launch”, I think that by 2019 there really is a possibility to complete their engines located at “Pivdenmash”, and RD-171, which are owned by the Center for operation of ground space infrastructure (TsENKI),” — said Arbuzov. the

the RD-180 Engines for new rocket

He said that if you follow the decision of the S7 Group on the establishment under the “Sea launch” a new, purely Russian rocket, the most logical solution would be to equip the RD-180 engines.

“If it is a new missile, it would be quite reasonable to consider the possibility of using in its composition the RD-180, having excellent flight statistics and impeccable worldwide reputation. Importantly, these engines are in serial production! The possibility of their use, from our point of view, would be the optimal solution: production of the RD-171 to resume again that is more expensive than using mass-produced RD-180″, — said Arbuzov.

Collaboration with “Yuzhmash” possible

Ukrainian “Pivdenmash”, is in a difficult financial position, is interested in the resumption of rocket “Zenit-SL” for “Sea launch”, it was reported earlier.

“First of all, I want to note that there is no political motive and it is only about commercial interests. This applies to all participants in the process. If you consider that the contract does not, the S7 Group is likely to look for partners among Russian companies. The risk of this only one option — the company will need additional time: at least five years,” — said in this regard, the head of Energomash.


S7 Group has previously proposed a new logistics solution, according to which in a port-based craft project “Sea launch” in California will always be a booster in high degree of readiness for launch.

“of Course, the speed of reaction to customer’s request — a very big plus in this business. There are customers who want to quickly put into orbit its satellite, albeit at a higher price. However, they are not always able to implement their business plans, even with the availability of resources, as the cycle of training allows you to start only one and a half to two years after the conclusion of the contract. Therefore, from the point of view of business development launcher concept, the proposed S7 Group, though somewhat risky, is very interesting,” — said in this regard, Serhiy Arbuzov. the

Competition with Elon Musk

S7 Group Announced the price for a launch from Sea launch, as previously reported, will be higher than the entrepreneur Elon musk, who heads the American company SpaceX.

“Judging by those price indices that currently exist, it will be difficult to compete with Elon musk. But if the quality and reliability of Russian launches from Baikonur floating will be high, the proposed S7 Group business model for a fast start and a higher cost is really can justify,” concluded the head of “Energomash”.


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