Saturday, October 15, 2016

In Slovenia invented the world’s first audio player with a soaring plate – TASS

LJUBLJANA, 14 October. /Offset. TASS Yaroslavtsev Denis/. Slovenian scientists have invented the world’s first audio player in which the disc is floating in the air. It is reported Slovenian news Agency (STA).

MAG-LEV Audio presented so far, the only instance of its development. Its principle of operation is based on using magnetic pillows, which support the plate and rotate it with the necessary speed.

“Using innovative technology, we were able to achieve not only the fact that the plate hangs in the air, but its incredibly accurate rotation, – said the representative of the company Klemen Smrtnik. – The entire process is controlled by special sensors and related software”.

According to him, the new technology has a number of positive aspects. For example, a floating plate due to the lack of contact with any surface will last much longer, because it won’t scratch it. In addition, automation of the new technology allows high accuracy to send the audio head on the grooves of a record, thereby providing superior sound quality.

the owner of the device can select and playback speed, which varies from 33.3 to 45 rpm. It has everything you need to connect to other audio outputs, as well as their own battery, which when a power failure allows the system to realize safe automatic shutdown.

currently, the player is a start-up project, and the developer expects to collect €300 thousand for start of serial production. The cost of the first 100 devices will be reduced and will amount to €780 in plastic tanks and €840 – with wooden decorative panels. Subsequently, the prices of players will rise to €880 and €940, respectively, the company said.


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