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RSC “Energia”. Experiment on wireless transmission of electricity over a distance – Federal reference


an Experiment on wireless transmission of electricity / Image: Roscosmos

Experts of the flagship enterprises of the Russian space Agency for manned flights, RSC Energia, has successfully conducted a unique experiment within the land development of the technology of transmission of electricity from one object to another using infrared laser radiation.

“Technology laser power supply can significantly increase the autonomy of remotely controlled devices and thereby significantly improve their performance.”

For the experiment was the track used on the premises, where the distance between emitter and receiver is 1.5 km. In the process of testing laser beam with a unique guidance system was sent to the receiver and is successfully converted to electricity then used to power another laser and charging the mobile phone. To visualize the experiment, we used a green marker laser. When laser power at 5 watts battery capacity of 2000 mandh charged for 8 hours.

In cooperation with Roscosmos in the framework of an initiative of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov, all-Russian science festival was broadcast live experiment on TV channel “Russia 24″.

Vyacheslav Tugaenko, head of energy systems of space vehicles of the new generation of RSC Energia: “as a result of the initial research came the understanding that we can conduct such an experiment in space. In the space experiment is planned to transmit power from the ISS to THC “Progress”, which for this purpose will be allocated from the station, on one-two kilometres.” According to him, the establishment of an effective laser systems opens new possibilities for space exploration, as it will allow in the future to transfer electrical power from the spacecraft with sufficiently powerful power unit on the other space vehicles equipped with special receivers-converters.

Such developments can find application in those areas where there is a need to use Autonomous robotic systems. In the first place – the interior Ministry and the emergencies Ministry, which regularly involve robots in the aftermath of natural disasters, inspection of objects for explosives and other transactions that may be too dangerous to attract people. Technology laser power supply can significantly increase the autonomy of remotely controlled devices and thereby to increase their effectiveness.

the science festival is designed for a broad audience, is clear and accessible language to tell what scientists do, how scientific research improves the quality of life, what prospects it opens for the modern person. The initiator of carrying out of science festivals in Russia – Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov. The first Russian science Festival was held in 2006 at the initiative of MSU rector, academician Viktor Sadovnichy. Festival events over the three days was visited by over 20 thousand people. The success of the first Festival of science convinced of the necessity of holding such events every year. In 2007, with the support of the government of Moscow science Festival was a city-wide event, and in 2011, the science Festival has received the status all-Russia and has since been held under the auspices of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation.

MOSCOW, the press service of GK “Rosatom”

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