Thursday, October 13, 2016

the massive theft through smartphones and VR environment without wires – Вести.Ru

How much money was stolen from the Russians and how it was made, what operating system the most dangerous and why? About it and about the incredible return of a legend in the program Вести.net.

five times increased the amount of funds stolen from Bank accounts of the Russians with the help of viruses for mobile devices on Android OS. And, as follows from the annual report of the company Group-IB, which was presented at a press conference, this is not surprising. The fact that in the second quarter of 2016, smartphones with Android OS took 86 percent of the global market, while iOS is 13%. And, as was stated from the scene, Trojans are spread through infected websites, fake mobile apps and willfully change the contents of the web sites which users visit.

“the iOS platform more secure and still, 10 percent is not a figure which makes attackers very much investment, — says Ilya Sachkov, founder of Group-IB. — Android is less secure, the attacker always chooses a strategy of least resistance.”

the Scheme is as follows: there is a fake window that asks to tie the card to Google Play, the user enters data. On the phone is a virus that is able to read SMS, respectively, in his possession are one-time codes from banks, and eventually automatically empties the Bank account. The user may not see it because the virus hides messages. And cases of such hacking to happen EN masse.

According to the report, Group-IB in Russia every day become victims 350 smartphone users on Google release OSes. In total, the cybercriminals between April 2015 and March 2016 kidnapped 348,6 million rubles from the accounts in Russian banks with the help of Trojans for mobile devices on Android OS. Interestingly, if the amount stolen by hackers of money is usually called "about" and is the subject of the dispute, in this case, these losses are confirmed by the Central Bank and Prosecutor’s office.

“the Attackers are interested in mass stories or stories where you can steal a lot of money: Android mass history, banks — this is where you can steal money, — says Ilya Sachkov, founder of Group-IB. — Why now not breaking into the smart car? Because they are quite small and it makes no sense to make any intelligent viruses shifrovalshchik that will block access to machines. When they become more in 5-7 years, we are faced with a virus that will lock the car and extort money, as is happening now with conventional computers”.

by the Way, as found in Group-IB, theft from individuals by using Trojans for personal computers “almost stopped”: the income of criminals decreased by 83 percent, to 6.4 million rubles.

And here emerges clearly the change of times: if you had a favorite "full of holes" the target of hackers was Windows operating system for computers, now the flag of leadership on the number of security threats have moved to the mobile operating system from Google — Android.


In the market of virtual reality, the addition of a new company Modal VR is developing a portable system that will allow you to connect up to 10 players in one network, without wires.

Most of the research in the field of hardware of virtual reality involve only one player. Created for a user the points, controllers, and specialized computers, and for the collective stay in virtual reality assumes the use of online services, similar to massively multiplayer online games.

according to the publication Messgaes, Modal VR system tracks the movement and interaction of multiple users in a single VR environment in the area of 83.5 thousand square meters. Users of the platform in addition to the helmet also wore a suit with sensors that monitor movements and activities. All data is wirelessly transmitted to the Central module VR-Fabricator, which is connected to the host PC. Total system supports the presence of up to 10 users in the same physical space, but in theory, if necessary, other users can connect through the Internet.

the Prospect of the platform, according to the creators, that the group stays in a virtual reality is likely to be in demand not only in the gaming industry, but in the training programs for the military or emergency services, as well as for training in schools or universities.

adds spice to the situation that the Modal VR startup launched by the founder of the American company Atari, Nolan Bushnell. This man is a legend, considered to be the father of all video games (he participated in the creation of such classic video games like Pong and Touch me) and elder in the field of technology and business innovation.

Nolan Bushnell has long been known as a man with innovative thinking. He remains a legend in Silicon valley and beyond thanks to its unique view of the world, which is partly manifested itself in a lot of people who worked for him at the time. Incidentally, he was the first boss of Steve jobs. Nolan hired him for the position of software developer with paying $ 5 per hour, at a time when Steve was 19 and he was in search of its place in the world of technology.


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