Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Crimea moves towards the Russian mainland – GISMETEO.News

the Institute of applied astronomy of RAS found that the Crimean Peninsula is shifted to the North-East at a speed of 2.9 millimeters per year, reports “Interfax”.



to Lock the movement of the Peninsula managed by radiointerferometric complex “quasar-KVO”, which includes 3 radio astronomy Observatory in the Republic of Buryatia (“Badari”), Karachay-Cherkess Republic (the”Zelenchukskaya”) and Leningrad region (“Light”). With a high-speed fiber-optic lines when they are combined into a single radio telescope, mirror diameter of which is more than 4 thousand kilometers. Features of the complex allow with high accuracy to record tectonic movement of the earth’s crust.

According to the Director of the Institute Alexander Ipatov, Crimea tectonically shifting towards Russia at a rate of 2.9 millimeters per year, which is established after examination of data equipment in the village of Simeiz in the Crimea, near which is the Simeiz Observatory.


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