Thursday, October 6, 2016

Friendly staff a positive effect on health – scientists – Newspaper Vladivostok

the People most of the time spend at work

Vladivostok, Friday, October 07 , RIA Vladnews.

Israeli scientists in the study found that the friendly staff has a positive impact on people’s health, according to RIA VladNews with reference to The same trend applies to relations in the family – friendly atmosphere affect the health and life expectancy.

In the study, experts found that people depend on the workforce, so the relationship with colleagues has a huge impact on the health and life expectancy. Communication with work colleagues affects the psyche of people. It turns out that at enterprises where there is a constant turnover, there is an unfriendly atmosphere among employees.

According to experts, most of the time people spend at work, so it is important to maintain a friendly environment that will allow people to feel the support of not only family but also at work.

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