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Star in the constellation Hydra Ground fires huge blobs of plasma – Moskovsky Komsomolets

planet out of danger, but the processes occurring on the star, scientists interested in

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Every 8.5 years double star in the constellation Hydra emits in the surrounding space, a huge plasma “shells”, each about the size of Mars twice. Some of these blobs are flying exactly towards the Earth, although the chances to achieve it they naturally have. According to experts who have studied this process the plasma bullets are a product of interaction between a white dwarf and a “dying” red giant.

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the Double star located at a distance of about 1,200 light-years from Earth. The plasma bolts begin to fly from it every 8.5 years already, at least for 400 years. “Shells” fly with such a high speed that the path from the earth to the moon they theoretically would take only half an hour. For a long time scientists could not understand what is behind this process, as in itself a red giant called V Hydra would not have to “throw” a private matter, for some centuries reduced this by half.

Red giants represent the stars of the same type as the Sun, located on the penultimate stage of its existence. Reaching this stage, yellow dwarfs grow and burn coming to his planet. After that, spending the rest of the fuel, the red giants become white dwarfs — very dense cosmic bodies about the size of the Earth, and subsequently, nothing overly interesting with them usually aren’t.

by Studying the data collected in different periods of the space telescope “Hubble”, scientists came to the assumption that every eight and a half years, a white dwarf or another similar object moving closer to a red giant and flying through its upper layers, “spooling” on myself and throwing in the form of the observed shells part of his energy.

This, in turn, allowed the scientists to explain why sometimes the V Hydra fades or completely disappears from the view of astronomers. Scientists assume that this occurs when the bundle of energy “shoots” directly towards Earth, but the path cools down and shuts out the light from the star.

written upon the results of a study published in the scientific journal The Astrophysical Journal.


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