Sunday, October 16, 2016

In Russia, opened its first store LeEco –

this Saturday, 15 Oct in the capital TRK “atrium” opened the Russia’s first company store, the Chinese technological giant Corporation LeEco. Our market is Eastern guests have appeared recently: on 12 September the company presented to the press its main products, and the 19th, has launched an online store. Now it is time to stake out a real trading platform.

10 am at the shopping center “atrium” began to gather an impressive line, which eventually gained more than half a million people and stretched from the door of the store to the Garden Ring: in honor of the store opening, the company announced a special promotion — Offline Flash Sale LeEco in Russia, in which it was possible to buy a smartphone 2 Le at a substantial discount. 15:00 market showed the press, and at about 16:00 started the opening ceremony.

On stage next to the store, rose Victor Xu, President of LeEco Russia and Eastern Europe and President LeRee — keep it in front of guests. “flagship store Opening LeEco in Moscow means that the buyer finally will be able to personally assess the quality of the products LeEco, get answers to questions for consultants to try out from all the devices that make up our ecosystem. This is a very important experience for the buyer, because at online store it is impossible to understand how the smartphone will lie in the hand, as well as a material, how well the picture looks on the screen. For the sake of such sensations, we will open in all regions of Russia our branded points of sale for the affiliate program LePar“, — he commented.

To the Victor was joined by Director General of the management company of shopping and entertainment complex “atrium” Paul Chekryzhov: “we are honored to host Russia’s first brand store LeEco. In fact, we act as the bridge between Russian and Chinese cultures, and help Russian consumers to get acquainted with advanced technologies“. Together they cut the symbolic red ribbon: the first Russian brand LeEco shop was officially opened. And immediately started the long-awaited Flash Sale, the crowd poured into the open door of a new market.

For the first 3 hours of the campaign, has sold more than 500 smartphones: the three booths had to process for 3 purchases per minute, the maximum number of smartphones in one hand had to be limited to two pieces. Huge hype has forced the organizers to extend the event to 23:00 (originally it was planned to finish at 19:00). By the end of the day shattered around 1200 stock smartphones. (Those who did not on the first day, cheered the special discount coupon will be available the next day, October 16.) This “attraction of unprecedented generosity” is not over: in the framework of the promotional activities five lucky winners took home the prize smartphones.

the First and, as said Victor Xu, is not the last brand store LeEco is located on the ground floor of Atrium adjacent to other point of sales gadgets. Designers tried to make the Playground is spacious and stylish: monochrome colors, restrained decorative elements, lots of mirrors, light and space. No glazed Windows and ugly piles of paper price lists. The market is not only a sales point but also a demonstration site, where any gadget or accessory you can fiddle with, to try, to try on and then go to the cashier. Prices and key features of the device is written directly on the shelves, and flaunt on the big screens throughout the store. Cute and helpful consultants will help you make the right choice and are happy to spend on the cash register, where you will be able to purchase branded white package. Test training and the reaction rate for children was held in extreme conditions the runoff campaign, and they coped perfectly well!

in Addition to accessories and smartphones, Le 2 and Le 2 Max, the flagship store LeEco on the stands you can see new items, sales of which will start soon: Smart TV, headphones with an unusual design, VR-helmets. In addition, the store provides unique products with no analogues: the world’s first smart bike Le SuperBike and world’s largest Smart TV LeSuperTV with a screen diagonal of 120 inches.

photos from the opening

© Photo and text: Anastasiia vygovska, the company LeEco


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