Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Two new graphics card Asus Strix Radeon RX 470 are equipped with 8GB memory –

Asus has expanded the range of video cards Radeon two new products, the RX 470. They are interesting because it is equipped with 8 GB of memory, although most adapters are only 4 GB.

the Manufacturer has released two models: the ROG STRIX-RX470-8G-GAMING and ROG STRIX-RX470-O8G-GAMING. From each other they differ a little. It uses the same circuit Board with six-phase power subsystem and element base Super Alloy Power II and the DirectCU II cooling system.

in addition, the innovations inherent distinctive features other fresh models Asus. This illumination system WITH RGB Aura and a connector for the case fan on the 3D card. As in other models, the Strix cooler is able to stop the fans at low temperature the GPU. For operation require connections eight-pin power connector.

as for differences, they are only frequencies. The model ROG STRIX-RX470-8G-GAMING graphics processor works at the frequency 1206/1226 MHz, while the second card frequency equal 1250/1270 MHz. Memory in both cases is characterized by the frequency of 6600 MHz.

the Set of ports presents DVI (x2), HDMI and DisplayPort.

Source: Asus Asus


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