Friday, October 7, 2016

Samsung swallowed Viv — AI platform from the creators of Siri – 3DNews

Instead of having to create your own personal assistant for smartphones Galaxy Samsung has decided to buy more or less ready solution. The company reported absorption of Viv Labs, a startup founded by the creators of the voice assistant Apple Siri. The transaction amount was not disclosed. In may, Viv Labs, has publicly shown his personal assistant new generation (name simple — Viv). The product was able to successfully handle complex user requests, much to the surprised audience, who attended the presentation.

the creation of the Viv are Cheyer Adam (Adam Cheyer), Dag Kittlaus (Dag Kittlaus) and Chris Brigham (Chris Brigham), who gradually retired from Apple after the takeover of Siri in 2012 and in subsequent years worked on Viv. They are now under the wing of Samsung, but Viv Labs, according to TechCrunch, will continue to work and develop as a separate company.

of Course, Samsung made this purchase not just for the future: Viv will be used in the mass platforms the Korean company. A powerful personal assistant that is integrated in countless devices from Samsung, will allow the company to offer a worthy alternative to Apple’s Siri, Amazon, Alexa, Google Assistant and a number of lesser-known bots from other companies.

“Our approach is a stronger emphasis on device — said the technical Director of the mobile division of Samsung In John Rea (InJong Rhee) in an interview with Recode. — And we’re going to make a revolution in the field of principles of user interaction with our devices and machines”.

Viv Labs reports that the first personal assistant will appear in the Samsung smartphones in the second half of 2017 and after will be integrated and other devices of the Korean company, like tablets, televisions and even household electronics. Technology Viv will translate to a new level ecosystem Samsung devices (the company supplies to the market annually about 500 million devices).

it must be noted that we are talking about the next step Samsung to reduce dependence on Google services: until now, smartphones have relied on the built-in Android assistant Google Now. Previously in the same step, the company introduced its own mobile payment system Samsung Pay, which directly competes with Android Pay. And now Viv can be the answer of Samsung to launch the voice assistant Google Assistant in the new family of Google hardware products.

However, if she can become a worthy replacement of the technology from the search giant? Executive Director of Viv Labs, Dag Kittlaus sure: Samsung going to become an important player in the software sector and services, especially in the field of artificial intelligence. Samsung Pay has already shown itself as one of the most successful mobile payment platforms in the market and the absorption of the software platform SmartThings to build a smart home also says a lot about the development vector of the company. Recently they have also updated the composition of the heads of a high rank close to new, experienced in the field of software specialists, paving a new course for the company. Soon you will see other signs of serious intent Samsung. And like us, they’re going to win.”


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