Tuesday, October 11, 2016

“Peace, friendship, health”: Skype Translator has mastered simultaneous voice translation from Russian and to Russian – a Banker.Ru

Russian became the ninth language that is supported Skype Translator video call. In addition it is available in English, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, French, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, and Arabic.

Initially the system will only work on a PC (desktop or laptop) with Windows 7 and above

Windows Users 10 Anniversary Edition to do anything not required the update will come to them itself. Prefer earlier versions of operating systems will have to go to and download the app Skype Translator. It is embedded in the main Skype and adds the tab “Skype Translator”. And contacts there is an icon of the globe, where you can choose the mode of translation.

Initially the system will only work on a PC (desktop or laptop) with Windows 7 and above, but in the future we can expect upgrade for mobile platforms.

How it works Skype Translator?

If you watched the simultaneous translation, Skype Translator will not cause any issues. After connection you start to talk, and Skype, in turn, to listen. To a friend your voice is a bit muted because, as expected, much of a benefit from it (voices) no. When you will pause, Skype Translator will say all I say is clear to your interlocutor language. The said amount is not limited, and, as experience shows, does not affect the quality of the translation. But it is better not to read “War and peace” chapters, so the listener is not bored.

At the level of simple conversation “for life” is not a problem no, and controversial designs such as “kiss your mind” hesitation have a Skype call

the Transfer is possible in any of the nine “directions”, that is, it is possible to converse with the Chinese and the Portuguese, even if you don’t know a word of Chinese and Portuguese. Better if the room will be quiet, but in General Microsoft advises to use a headset microphone. Group discussions in principle are supported but all have to speak strictly in order. Two voices will cause brain cloud of bewilderment.

In each country, Microsoft tends to consider all the local pronunciations and dialects. Unfortunately, I have not been able to test the interpreter at Perm and Vorkuta sayings sayings Yes, but they will put a dead end and a live translator, we stopped in these wonderful cities of Moscow. And if the robot can not cope, blame it not worth it. However, the vocabulary impressive. At the level of simple conversation “for life” is not a problem no, and controversial designs such as “kiss your mind” hesitation Skype not cause. Probably the only funny moment came when I began to read Skype Translator the text of a song of Boris Grebenshchikov “electric dog”. The line “And the dog bites into the walls of the” cloud brain heard “dog truck”, immediately giving rise to a new meme. However, before Drover’s mouse is still far away.

Important point: currently, the “docking” of languages occurs through English. That is, when speaking with a Frenchman Russian would be translated first in English and then in French. This does not affect the speed of translation, but, of course, introduces some error.

Perhaps, trust Skype Translator as a serious business or even personal conversation, I would not. But the barrier of communication really disappears. Even with the flaws, but do you really know the man that speaketh in an unknown tongue. And it’s amazing.

Neural network in Skype Translator

the underlying platform is the technology of deep neural networks (Deep Neural Networks) and statistical treatment of data.

neural network is a system of machine learning of higher order. The difference is that in machine learning, the program follows the algorithm that created man, and the neural network is able to independently set the goal and find a solution by analyzing a certain data array.

Microsoft has developed a platform for deep learning with 152 layers

These systems operate through a system of layers, each of which is responsible for one characteristic of recognition. For example, contour, texture, etc. Than the more layers, the easier it is to teach them, and the more technology opportunities. The usual entertainment services (such as graphical editors — a vivid example of application Prisma) are based on the neural networks of six to seven layers. Microsoft has developed a platform for deep learning with 152 layers (depth of the residual network), which made possible the emergence of functionality such as simultaneous speech translation in Skype Translator.

Skype Translator preview integrates speech recognition and machine translation that is transforming the text into an easily readable machine format, its recognition and translation, and the transition from the recognized text to voice playback. A service is being improved as you use, and the more people working with him in the process of communicating with each other, the higher the quality of the translation. Skype users around the world make 3 billion minutes of video calls per day. Even if only one percent will use the translation, training will be fairly quick.

to talk to the future

Alternatives to Skype Translator quite a lot however, all of them (yet) sharpened short phrases, and don’t respond well to long intimate conversations where interlocutors replicas last for a few minutes.

the Ability to communicate with speakers of other languages (and cultures) is an absolutely stunning experience. And over the years I have come to believe that foreign languages were the only thing really worth to spend time in the childhood, because all other skills (well most of them) are being generated by orders of magnitude faster.

today in Russia begins the death of another profession

Skype Translator will impregnate you with the history and culture of the countries where they live native speakers as with standard learning models. But it can be done to freed from learning additional languages. And the money saved.

And, it seems, today in Russia begins the death of another profession. Translator. Like it or not, but the most reliable today is to teach children programming.


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