Monday, October 17, 2016

In prospective studies in Russia will allocate 3.5 billion rubles – RIA Novosti

NOVO-OGARYOVO residence outside Moscow, 17 Dec – RIA Novosti. Additional funding in the amount of 3.5 billion rubles will be allocated in 2017 for the work of scientists in the most promising directions, said Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I Met with the heads of laboratories recipients of the so-called mega-grants… Scientists have made a proposal for further work on the most promising areas that require additional funding. We have already agreed that this additional funding for 2017 in the amount of 3.5 billion rubles will be provided,” — said the head of state, who on Monday met with Minister of education Olga Vasilyeva, the head of the Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov and his assistant Andrey Fursenko.

Putin suggested the audience to discuss the source of funding.

In turn, Fursenko spoke about the meeting with representatives of the scientific community. According to him, the result was highlighted several priority areas: genetic research in medicine and agriculture, information technologies in the area of quantum computing and processing large amounts of data, and the creation of so-called technologies that resemble natural ones.

The technologies that resemble natural ones, said Fursenko, refers to, for example, such as the creation of a minimum of energy consuming devices, new waste production, the formation of new approaches to storage and processing and the transfer of energy. For these developments it was suggested a few tools, added the presidential aide.

“the First is the support of powerful centres, modern laboratories to attract scientists not only from Russia but also from abroad, to create permanent positions, and this support of young scientists,” — said Fursenko.

For the implementation of these projects proposed to use the mechanisms of the Russian science Foundation, said the assistant of the head of state. “In the case of allocation of additional funds we are ready to offer new contests and start working to next year in full work started,” he said.

the President of the Russian Federation agreed with the proposal. “We’ll do that. I assume that this is a problem, is not only for 2017, but in subsequent years so that this work had a clear planning horizon”, — Putin said.

Before the journalists left the hall, where the meeting took place, the head of state also asked the Finance Minister to report on the progress in discussion with the Academy of Sciences on financing of current activity and funds for research.


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