Monday, October 3, 2016

In Stockholm called the Nobel prize in physics for the year 2016 – RIA Novosti

STOCKHOLM, Oct 4 – RIA Novosti, Lyudmila Bozhko. the name of the winner of the Nobel prize in physics for 2016 will be announced on Tuesday, the Nobel Committee of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, reported the press service of the Nobel Foundation.

According to the rules of the Fund, with names of candidates submitted for the award, will be available only after 50 years. Therefore, according to tradition, the names of possible candidates for the award is only speculation journalists.

the Media company “Thomson Reuters”, prediction of possible candidates for the award based on citation of their work, the most likely contenders this year, according to American researchers Ronald Drever, Kip Thorne and Rainer Weiss. Scientists are the founders of laser-interferometric gravitational-wave Observatory LIGO, which has made possible experimental detection of gravitational waves – the signal was coming from the fused black holes. The existence of cosmic gravitational waves suggested 100 years ago albert Einstein. This is experimentally confirmed by scientists from the LIGO and reported the existence of such waves in February 2016. Many Swedish commentators, however, doubt that scientists recognize the winners in this year as about their results they reported after the expiration of the reward.

Among the other contenders for the award called scientists, who proposed a method of controlling chaos OGY. He was so named as the first letters of the names of the authors of the method – Edward Ott (USA), Celso Grebogi (Scotland) and James York (USA).

Swedish newspaper Dagens nyheter, publishing their assumptions about the candidates for the prize, drew attention to the scientific work done in the field of quantum mechanics. The award this year, says the publication, it is possible, you can divide the three physicists, who for many years were mentioned among the potential winners – Frenchman Alain Salas, a scientist from Austria Anton Zeilinger and American John Clauser: each of them brought their contribution to the description of the effect of quantum coherence, when the particles that were once part of the same system, continue to maintain contact with each other even at great distances. Knowledge in this area is very relevant today for the development of super-fast quantum computers.

Worthy of the award in the publication think and Israelis Yakir Aharonov and Briton Michael berry for their discovery of the quantum phenomena, the so-called Aharonov effect and berry’s phase.

the award Ceremony will be held traditionally in Stockholm on December 10-the day of death of the founder of the Nobel prize – Swedish entrepreneur and inventor Alfred Nobel (1833-1896). The amount of each Nobel prize this year is 8 million Swedish kroons (932 thousand dollars). The Nobel prize in physics for the year 2015 was given for the discovery of neutrino oscillations Arthur B. McDonald (Canada) and Kajita Takaaki (Japan).


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