Saturday, October 1, 2016

Medina considered the requirement to deprive him of an academic degree a return to the Soviet Union – Interfax

Moscow. 1 Oct. INTERFAX.RU culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky considers that the question of the scientific value of his thesis and the deprivation of the official of the degree of doctor of historical Sciences is the return during the Soviet era, when the prevailing unanimity.

the WAC at a meeting of the dissertation Council of the Ural Federal University (Urfu) on 4 October will consider the issue of deprivation of Medina the degree of doctor of historical Sciences.

“I do not wish to prejudge the decision of the Council, I hope their experience and wisdom, as in opinion, not my opinion, but many professional historians, scientists, members of the Waka, the question itself seems phantasmagoric and brings us back to the best times of the Soviet Union, when only a single view was considered correct, and all the rest – bourgeois, revisionist, old-fashioned, cosmopolitan, and what else. I would very much like to see in historical science, we would have sunk in those days. I say at the job itself,” said the Minister, “Interfax”.

“I have always considered its task to promote the story. But I would not want to cause a precedent, when some scientific experts may impose on the community their point of view. This is a very dangerous story. Not accidentally, the Chairman of HAC Vladimir Filippov very carefully, but succinctly called the history of unprecedented,” he continued.

Medina said that he was invited to a meeting of the dissertation Council. With your work schedule won’t allow him to go there, so instead it will be representative.

the Statement on deprivation of Medina for a degree was filed by doctors of historical Sciences by Vyacheslav Kozlakova, Konstantin Erusalimsky, and the community Discerned, Ph.D. Ivan Babitsky, who, after analyzing the thesis of the Minister “Problems of objectivity in the coverage of Russian history in the second half of the XV-XVII centuries”, has called into question its scientific value.

Scientists believe that improper Medina was awarded the degree of doctor of historical Sciences.


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