Sunday, October 2, 2016

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Russian Android users get a message about the possibility to install apps competition. And it suggests that Google has started to execute the order of the FAS of Russia.

a year has Passed since then, as an Agency service found Google guilty of violating antitrust laws the complaint Yandex. The company was fined 438 million rubles. Also, the FAS ordered the American Corporation to remove restrictions on pre-application from third party developers that apply to manufacturers of smartphones and tablets on the Android OS. Term of execution — until August 26, 2016. For violation of terms of execution of orders, the company faced a fine in the amount up to 500 thousand rubles.

And now users of mobile devices working under the Android operating system from Google, have started to receive notifications about how they can deactivate already installed Google services and install the apps of competitors. The notice States that users can change the search engine in Google Chrome, to install another search widget on the screen of the smartphone, change positions of icons.

the press service of Google commented on the events: “At that time, as we continue to work with FAS on the technical execution of their orders, notification that we send Android users in Russia, explain how existing tools can help the owners to configure smartphones, including add, delete, or reactivate an application, whether the developer of these applications, Google or other company.

meanwhile, as “Vedomosti”, the FAS so far, no documents from Google about the execution of the order is not received, no service and information that someone received such notice. According to the representative of the FAS, the Agency conducts an administrative investigation of a possible breach of regulations and by 11 October waiting for Google documents confirming execution of the instructions. It is important that Google must obey other points in the regulations, for example, to correct the contracts with manufacturers of smartphones: part-time the execution of the order is not executed.


Exhibition of achievements in the GPU computing: held in Amsterdam, a conference for developers nVidia. Company which has gained tremendous experience in the field of graphics processing, primarily in games, I decided to apply it in fashion today, the topic of VR. Moreover, not a game, but that called, professional. Scope — architecture, industry, museums, design and of course virtual tours. Although the rejection of tourism in the near future we do not promise, the airline with the development of VR technologies may suffer serious financial losses.

Director of industrial VR nVidia David Winstein explains: “many fly through countries and continents for the hour-long meeting. If I can do it in virtual reality, I don’t need to spend 16 hours on a plane that, in fact, just thrown. I don’t have to sleep in a hotel away from family. Skype is a wonderful technology, but it is not the same as being together in one room. But virtual reality promises us exactly that. We important eye contact, I need to see your eyes, acoustics must be accurate, a lot of things still need to improve and implement. But I believe that virtual negotiations – the biggest market for virtual reality”.

For those who are still traveling, a Swedish startup with the help of neural networks and graphics cards trying to digitize the whole world. Service Mapillary can “stitch” from custom photos or videos something like panoramas of streets that have Yandex or Google. The difference is that it is, in fact, the people’s project — potentially a large amount of independent data even from those places where professional cartographers will not reach. And the difficult task is to combine images obtained by different devices in different conditions, to bind to the map and to isolate useful information, for example? road signs, trees or sidewalks. And most importantly – this project is opened, that is, is sharing with the world.

co-Founder of Mapillary, Jan Eric Salt said: “You can upload your photos to the system, you can download them back can download them with the data that we extracted from your photos, and can download together with all the photos taken there, if it helps. If you’re doing landscaping, road maintenance, or construction of an accessible environment – it will do you good”.


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