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What Medinsky want to deprive a scientific degree – research thesis the Minister – a New Day – Ural

Geneva, Oct 03 (New Day, Maxim Borodin) – Tomorrow the academic Council of the Ural Federal University will consider the statement of experts of the project “Discerned” about deprivation of the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky academic title of doctor of historical Sciences. On the eve of studied the arguments of the opponents of the Medina, the results we present to your attention.

the Authors of the statement to the Ministry of education there are three scientists – doctor of historical Sciences Vyacheslav Kozlyakov, doctor of historical Sciences Konstantin erusalimsky, and teacher of Italian Universita Degli Studi di Ferenze Ivan Babitsky.

In a statement, they dispute the scientific thesis of Medina “Problems of objectivity in the coverage of Russian history in the second half of the XV-XVII centuries.” The petitioners argue that the text is replete with gross errors that “it is impossible to imagine even in the course work of the student of historical faculty. One of such errors is called the Medina assertion that in Russia, all religious books were written in the Russian language, while the Catholics Scripture was written in Latin, which the believers did not know.” Applicants refer to this thesis not only as ignorance, reminding us of the existence of such a phenomenon as the Church Slavonic language and translated the Bible into German, made by Luther.

Medina also argues that the Russian people were faced with “aggression of the infidels, not Christians, which for centuries successfully repelled”. Here is an example of the conquest of the Iberian Peninsula by the Arabs in the early eighth century, which was committed before the baptism of Rus.

Next comes an example with reference to the French mercenary Jacques Margeret, who served the false Dmitry and left the work “As the Russian Empire and Grand Duchy of Moscow”. Medina reports that margeret think Rurik the Dane, while in the Russian Chronicles it was claimed that Rurik was a Varangian, and came from Scandinavia”. Here, the experts ‘Discerneth” questioning the knowledge of the Minister in elementary geography, considering that even for a first year student of the assumption that the Scandinavian is originally from Denmark, would not be so difficult to understand, for the Minister.

the Thesis of Medina referred to as a propaganda pamphlet for the reason that its findings bear little resemblance to the results of scientific research. What are his arguments about the use in Russia since Ivan the terrible alcohol: “Thus, proposed as early as in the 15th century, the opinion of A. Contarini about the tendency of Russian people to drink was repeated in the writings of foreigners, and in the 16th and 17th centuries. Each author more and more exaggerate in facilitating the Europeans have a stable opinion about the Russian people as habitual and binge drunks. But in fact Russian people, in comparison with the foreigners who were real drinkers. After all, they were allowed to drink alcohol only a few days a year, on the four great feasts. Foreigners drinking binge and every day” (here and further the spelling and punctuation authors).

Experts became the authors of the statement believe that such conclusions to be the result of even mediocre research is almost impossible.

in General, it should be noted that in his dissertation, the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation explores even questions the presence of homosexuals in Russia, making for themselves a joyous conclusion: “the Data of the Dane on sodomy was undoubtedly a fiction, since all foreigners have a positive attitude to Russia, wrote that the Russian people had a natural aversion to vices.”

another Curious remark about Medina. He is accused of a low level of knowledge of the historiography of the study period, as in the text no reference to a number of works, which historians considered to be the most important sources. However, they are present in the list of used literature. It is alleged that following the example of unscrupulous students Medina mechanically copied fragments prepared bibliographies of books by other authors.

according to the Claimants, “the future doctor of historical Sciences clearly copied the names allegedly used for scientific publications directly from the book in 1925, the year, and the recognized text found on the resource only this can explain the coincidence of errors and characteristics of the transmission of the original text in both cases.”

we are Talking about the publication of “Heinrich Staden. Moscow Ivan the terrible” 1925.

then the conclusion is, that the text of the Medina does not meet the requirements of a doctoral thesis.

the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, commenting on the conclusions of the experts “Discerneth” the Agency TASS, said: “I always thought that any work is good in that case when it gives a different perspective on a particular problem. In fact, the Complainant said that the opinion he doesn’t like. This is a strange way to conduct the discussion,” he said, adding that he hoped the quality of their work and wisdom of the dissertation Council.

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