Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Nobel prize in chemistry can obtain a Russian scientist Газета.Ru

04.10.2016 | 21:17

a Russian scientist, discoverer of magnetic effects in chemical reactions, Anatoly Buchachenko was included in the final list of candidates for the Nobel prize in chemistry, reports the information service of the portal Indicator.Ru citing a source close to the Nobel Committee.

“This is our Russian scientist, who for many years was nominated, Anatoly Leonidovich Buchachenko. Is the academician, doctor of chemical Sciences, Professor. He is a very large Russian theorist in chemistry. This year he is close to receiving the award. He is already in the final list, from which choose”, — said the source.

However, according to the source, the probability that the Nobel prize in chemistry will be awarded to Russian scientists is rather low. “Buchachenko extends for many years, and the situation in the Nobel committees is that Russia is less and less perceive,” said the source.

Anatoly Buchachenko is a specialist in the field of physical chemistry and chemical physics, academician of RAS, doctor of chemical Sciences, head of the Department of chemical kinetics of the chemistry Department of Moscow state University from 1989 to 2013. In the scientific community he is known for having discovered the magnetic isotope effect, discovered microwave radiation with the chemical reaction, and also opened radioindustry magnetic isotope effect and spin catalysis.

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